Blockchain Solutions

We offer optimal blockchain technologies to realize business plans you have envisioned.
Based on skilled experts and professional experiences, We will support your business innovation.


Implement tokens based-ERC20 and
create its own wallets. Coin issue
and wallets based on blockchain.


Production of exchanges that
can trade various cryptocurrencies
such as BTC, Dash, Etherium, etc,.

PG SYstem

Android, IOS electronic wallets,
ERC20 token payment platform,
Coin-paying affiliates connection.

Mining Pool

Mining pool server for
direct mining of various altcoins
including bit coin.

Cryptourrency Exchange Solutions

Our exchange solutions are building reliable servers, systems with
real-time clearing and large-scale order matching algorithms.
Also support multilingual service for global trading platforms.
Meet security engineers specialized in triple monitoring,
(self, external, admin), and custom system design engineers!

  • · Cryptocurrency wallet service by member
  • · Send / Receive of cryptocurrency
  • · View trading history (Details of transactions)
  • · Real-time trading of coins (sell / buy)
  • · Interlinked Bitcoin prices with foreign sites
  • · Payment gateway system
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Solutions and Consulting

NEXT-B offers all physical constructions including securities, systems
and network-related technologies for building cryptocurrency exchanges. Comprehensive solutions optimized for stable network and precise system design, DB security, server hosting, web server, management (repair, maintenance).

  • · Private Cloud
  • · DB storage, Load balancer
  • · Server hosting, Web server
  • · Multi-currency trading platform
  • · Concentrated monitoring
  • · Differentiated exchange maintenance
  • · Marketing consulting