Blockchain Technicals Support and Solutions

Next-b solutions include the Web developments, the issuance of cryptocurrencies, the production of virtual currency exchanges, the mobile platform, and more. Competent experts in each development fields fully analyze the purpose and functions of implementation.
We're optimizing our customers' needs with an understanding of blockchain business.
With expertised and long worked experiences, we will support your business innovation.


We can issue new coins whatever you want, based on ERC20 tokens, based on ERC20 tokens, altcoins, master node, and make your own wallet.

Virtual currency exchange

We offer you margin-type, mining-type exchanges that allow trading of various coins, including domestic exchanges such as Upbit and Coinone, and overseas exchanges such as Polonix and binance.

Payment Gate system

We develop Android and IOS electronic wallet and provide Payment Gate platforms based on ERC20 tokens. Build PG systems that can be paid with cryptocurrencies and discover its merchants.

Mining Pool

Next-b's own technology, Mining Pool Server, is provided to enable users to directly mine Bitcoin, including multiple Alt Cains, such as ETH, EOS, LTC, and others.

Cryptourrency Exchange Solutions

Key technologies in Next-b's solution are trading systems(Engine) and wallet(Wallet) services. We provide all services necessary to operate the exchange based on the understanding of exchange business, and establishment of trading systems through its own engine, algorithm, and triple security technologies. Sign up for a trade trade test directly from our demo site.

  • Distributed Processing System Specialized for Bulk Traffics
  • Check the real-time node status on the Manager page
  • Buy / Sell Notification Service
  • Cold walllet management system always keeps most coins safe
  • Self-Encrypting Management with Private-Keys
  • Interlinked coin Prices with Famous Overseas Site
  • Multilingual service of exchange
  • Various external API interworking
  • Mobile Exchange App -Android, IOS
  • Create exchange logo and change the overall design concept
  • KYC(customer awareness)applied / No anonymous transactions
  • Optimized statistical system - withdrawal/deposit, trading details, membership, commission profit, etc.
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Consulting process

Next-b provides comprehensive solutions optimized for coin issuance, white paper publishing, technical documentation support, github listing, external payment linkage, and marketing for customers' blockchain business expansion as well as all physical construction, including network-related technologies, systems, and securities for buliding a virtual currency exchange.

  • 1. Request : Complete the inquiry details and request a consultation through contact and e-mail.
  • Consulting : Review of technical descriptions, advice of expert personnel and project requests.
  • 3. Estimate : Proceed with contract by calculating estimated period and quotation.
  • 4. Design : Extend branding and coordinate with customers to determine optimal design and UI.
  • 5. Development : Implement a wide range of technologies and capabilities based on design output
  • 6. Service : Launch full-form platform services after review in various environments
  • 7. Maintain : Maintenance required for operation / After service on customer requests.